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Manual or Motorized Metal Rolling Door Manufacturing

Service Doors


Our rolling service doors provide security and protection from weather. For all industrial and institutional building .

Weather-Tite Doors


Weather-Tite doors offer security and a full perimeter seal to keep elements from coming in or going out.

Aluminum/Steel Rolling Grilles


Get visibility and air flow without sacrificing security. For use in parking garages, traffic directions or to secure valuables while maintaining visual appeal.

Manual Lift Doors


Designed to secure smaller openings. Ease of operation combined with exceptional longevity make these doors an excellent choice.

Hybrid Economy Service Door


If you have a tight budget but don't want to sacrifice security, then a Steelcraft Hybrid Rolling Door is for you. This door is built to last and can come with either inboard or commercial motor operators.

Insulated Doors


Our insulated roll up doors are energy efficient and reduce sound. A full perimeter seal keeps the air in and out. While two layers of roll formed steel and insulation give these top security,

Save 25% On A New Steelcraft Hybrid Rolling Door

  • Custom Sizes Available

  • Quick Production time

  • Fully Installed

  • 22 Gauge Galvanized Curtain

  • Alternating Steel Endlocks

  • Aluminum T-Type Bottom Bar

Steelcraft supplies, manufactures and installs all types of rolling doors. If you need a quick roll-up door on a budget, we can manufacture it to your specs. Lighter gauges of metal are available and are very popular for this type of quick application. These lighter weight rolling doors still provide the security that you need but at the price that you want.

If you require a motorized or automatic roll-up door, we will present many options to choose from. They can be aluminum, stainless steel or powder coated. They can have sensors, intelligent control panels or push buttons. They can come equipped with insulation to provide climate control or even be designed to match the surrounding architecture. Contact us today to discuss what type of roll-up door will be best for your property.

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